Kim Kardashian Shows Off a New Grill for the First Time Since the Paris Robbery

Reality star took to Instagram to share the new mouth bling, which she hasn't worn since she was robbed during fashion week in Oct. 2016

By Kendall Fisher Jan 11, 2018 6:29 PMTags

Do you wanna see her grill?

No, Nelly and Paul Wall didn't come out with another version of their 2005 hit "Grillz." However, Kim Kardashian is back to showing off her diamond mouthpiece.

The reality star was hanging out with techno DJ and fashion model Sita Abellan yesterday. They both took a couple selfies and videos together, showing off the diamonds on their teeth.

In one video Kim asked her followers, "Guess what I'm doing today, guys?!" as she flashed her grill, reading "KIM" across her lower teeth.

She also shared a selfie with the self-described Techno Princess in front of two Louis Vuitton-painted trash cans.

The social media posts mark the first time we've seen Kim rock a grill since she was robbed in Paris in October 2016.

Kim Kardashian's Best Looks

As you may recall, the soon-to-be mother of three was bound and held at gunpoint in October 2016, shortly after taking to her social media accounts to share the expensive accessories she had brought with her to Fashion Week.

Though the men did not harm her, they did steal more than $11 million worth of Kim's jewelry, including her $4.9 million engagement ring from Kanye West as well as a jewelry box that had more than $5.6 million worth of other expensive items.

After taking a self-imposed break from social media for several months and taking the time she needed to gain her strength back, Kim decided to step away from sharing so much on social media.

"I don't care to show off the way that I used to. Even though there's nothing wrong, truly—it's OK if you're proud of that and you work so hard and you get something—it's just not who I am anymore," she told Ellen DeGeneres in April.

"It was meant to happen to me. I really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things," she continued. "It was probably no secret, and you see it on the show—I was being flashy and I was definitely materialistic before. I'm so happy that my kids get this me, and that this is who I'm raising my kids [as]—because I just don't care about that stuff anymore. I really don't."