Kelly Clarkson Discusses Meeting Meryl Streep for the First Time: "I Don't Even Think She Knew Who I Was!"

You're never too famous to fangirl over a celebrity

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 11, 2018 12:50 AMTags

Celebs have fan moments too! 

One of the most delightful moments at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards was when cameras captured Kelly Clarkson meeting Meryl Streep for the first time. Kelly was definitely having a fan moment and was so excited she didn't even remember to introduce herself.

"I don't even think she knew who I was," Kelly on Tuesday during NBC's winter press day. "Then I felt horrible with Michelle Williams and the other women standing there. I was like, 'I love y'all too!'" We're just glad that the E! cameras were rolling to capture it all. What other celeb did Kelly also get the chance to meet? 

Kelly Clarkson - 2018 Golden Globes E! Glambot

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