Rose McGowan on Fighting "the Monster" Harvey Weinstein, E!'s CITIZEN ROSE & Why She Really Did Charmed

Hear the highlights from the activist's TCA panel about fighting injustice and sexual assault

By Brett Malec Jan 09, 2018 10:41 PMTags
Watch: Watch Rose McGowan in "CITIZEN ROSE" January 30 on E!

Rose McGowan is sounding off on her decades long quest to battle sexual assault and inequality.

While promoting her upcoming five-part E! documentary CITIZEN ROSE at Tuesday's NBC TCA event in Pasadena, the 44-year-old activist answered questions about everything from her career, her mission and Harvey Weinstein, who she previously accused of raping her back in the ‘90s.

"I am having to sell my house right now to pay legal bills fighting off the monster. That's what I'm facing," McGowan, who only refers to Weinstein as "the monster," told the Television Critics Association

McGowan was also asked by reporters if she's been called as a witness in any ongoing legal cases against Weinstein. "No, I don't think they're there yet," she responded.

Watch Rose McGowan in "CITIZEN ROSE" January 30 on E!
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McGowan, who no longer acts, also revealed her real intentions for doing her hit TV show Charmed. "I did the TV show so I could gain a foothold internationally in all areas so when the news broke I could have a foothold and people would pay attention in every region across the globe," she told journalists of Charmed. "This is a long plan."

As for CITIZEN ROSE, she explained, "The thing is, I think the way you create that narrative. This isn't that traditional approach to reality television…I am down with calling this reality because it actually is. This is reality," she said. "This is not a show about or just for women. This is about expanding consciousness…It's about humanity, it's about freeing your mind…I wanted to go global with the greatest reach. I wanted really to be like Gertrude Stein and have a conversation with the world instead of just in my living room."

McGowan has been speaking out against sexual assault and social injustice for years, but her passion projects are just starting to come to fruition. "I was waiting for someone else for so long, you guys. And they never came," she told press.

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McGowan said the reality/documentary format did not come easy. "Three years ago when I was preparing for this show, I realized that I could not speak on camera without a script. I had never been filmed on camera without a script…I had to train myself over the last three years to just exist as me," she said. "This is pretty all-access and it's not always pretty….I'm just one of so many. Literally, this is my form of volunteer work."

"I'm really just trying to stop international rapists and child molesters," McGowan said. "After that, I'm golden."