Emma Watson Debuts a Bold New Set of Bangs

Actress posted a first look at her haircut on Instagram Friday

By Jess Cohen Jan 05, 2018 11:47 PMTags

New year, new 'do.

Emma Watson is sporting some new bangs. The 27-year-old actress shared a selfie on Instagram Friday, in which she can be seen rockin' a new hairdo. Watson was last spotted out and about in London at the end of December without her new bold bangs, so it looks like it was a recent change for 2018.

And this isn't the first time Watson has decided to change up her hairdo. In 2010 she chopped her locks into a pixie cut and had one of the most influential haircuts of 2011. After letting her hair grow, she cut it again into a bob-style haircut in 2015.

Justin Bieber and Emma Watson Had the Most Influential Hair of 2011

In the selfie Watson shared on Friday, she can be seen holding the book Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, which she revealed in the post is her first book club reading choice for 2018.

"Have you had a chance to pick up a copy of @oursharedshelf Jan/Feb book choice, Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by @renieddolodge ?! #oursharedshelf," Watson captioned the picture.

Watson's book club, started two years ago, is called "Our Shared Shelf." After reading the selected books, readers can share their thoughts on each book choice online at GoodReads.com.

"This has been an amazing two years for me, working on Our Shared Shelf," Watson wrote in a recent blog post. "There were moments when I wondered whether the club should be an ongoing thing. Thank you for making me sure that it would be crazy not to keep going in 2018."