A Revenge Body Participant Shares Her Emotional Story of Feeling Invisible With Khloe Kardashian: "Am I Not There?"

By Mona Khalifeh Jan 09, 2018 5:13 PMTags
Watch: Melissa's First Meet Up With Khloe Gets Emotional

Melissa is sick of living life in the background.

In this clip from Sunday's Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian meets Melissa, a publicist and talent manager whose weight has caused her to feel invisible among the stars she manages.

"I've gained that belly weight and if you're standing next to all these pretty girls all the time, at some point, it's like, ‘Do you not see me? Am I not there?'" Melissa asked.

Khloe assured Melissa that she's anything but invisible. 

"You are there and you gotta stop comparing yourself. My entire life I've been compared to my sisters and I don't look like them," Khloe tells Melissa. 

Revenge Body: Before & After!

When it comes to her big reveal, Melissa's motivation is her friend and crush, Taj.

"Taj doesn't know that I have feelings for him, we're just besties," Melissa revealed.

"A crush is always a good motivation," Khloe offered. "You're making the first step to make positive changes in your life and that's a great thing. Hopefully your crush will find that a great thing too."

Hear Melissa's story in the emotional clip above.