The Most Empowering Quotes on the 2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet

See what the stars told E! News before heading into the award show on Sunday

By Jess Cohen Jan 08, 2018 12:15 AMTags
Watch: Michelle Williams Talks "#MeToo" at 2018 Golden Globes

Award season has officially begun!

The 2018 Golden Globes marked the official start to the year's award season on Sunday in Los Angeles. Before heading inside to the ceremony, stars hit the red carpet and stopped to talk to Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest on E!'s Live From the Red Carpet. During the red carpet interviews, stars had many memorable and empowering quotes that we want to share with you.

So if you missed any of the red carpet interviews, don't worry, because we're bringing you all of the most empowering quotes right here. Check out all of the most inspirational quotes from the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet below!

Michelle Williams and Tarana Burke

Michelle on Tarana's impact on the world: "I thought that I would have to raise my daughter to learn how to protect herself in a dangerous world and I think that because of the work that Tarana has done and the work that I'm learning how to do, we actually have the opportunity to hand our children a different world."

Tarana on the #MeToo movement: "It's deeply humbling, this is something that I started out of necessity and something that I thought that my community needed and it's grown over the years, but I never could've envisioned it growing like this. But this moment is so powerful because we're seeing a collaboration between these two worlds that people don't usually put together and would most likely have us pitted against each other. So it's really powerful to be on the red carpet tonight."

Marai Larasi and Emma Watson

Marai Larasi, executive director of Imkaan, on women in Hollywood speaking out against misconduct: "There's something about in women in Hollywood speaking out. There is a wall of silence around violence against women and girls and every time somebody speaks out, it just creates a bit of a crack in that wall."

Kelly Clarkson

On Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman: "It's cool to have a superhero chick for your daughter to be like, 'I wanna dress like Wonder Woman.'"

Justin Hartley

On Supporting Time's Up: "It means a lot to me and I think it means a lot to everyone and I think we all stand in solidarity here and I think we can all agree that time's up."

Meryl Streep

On abuse in all industries: "I think that people are aware now of a power imbalance and it's something that leads to abuse. It's led to abuse in our own industry and it's led to abuse across the domestic workers' field of work, it's in the military, it's in congress, it's everywhere and we wanted to fix that."

Ai-jen Poo

"I hope people see the momentum and the energy and the fact that we're uniting across all industries and all communities standing together saying we all deserve work places where we're safe and our work is valued and we can live and work with dignity. That's the future, and we have momentum, and we want to say to everyone that they should join us. This is a movement where there's space for everyone and there's a role for everyone."

Alison Brie

"Tonight is about women wearing the pants and so I chose to literally wear the pants."

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin on the hard work Jessica put into The Sinner: "I'm so proud of her and I saw the work she put in last summer and she really would come home every day…and I just got to help her study lines and it was a lot of fun."

Sarah Jessica Parker

On the Time's Up movement: "It's a privilege to work among women that I've admired for so long that I never even thought I'd get to meet. To see them do this sort of work and commit themselves is really quite something."