America Ferrera Reveals If Those Sisterhood Pants Still Fit During Pregnancy

Superstore star recently announced she is pregnant with her first child

By Samantha Schnurr Jan 04, 2018 2:07 PMTags

The traveling pants brought a lot of special things to these sisters, but does the magic still apply in pregnancy? America Ferrera has the answer. 

As one of the four ladies of the beloved 2005 teen drama and sequel, the actress is considered an expert on all matters relating to the signature pants at the center of the story—you know, the ones that magically fit all four of the women despite their different heights and shapes.

On the heels of the exciting New Year's Eve news that she and husband Ryan Piers are expecting their first child togetherStephen Colbert was wondering how that might affect the system of the magic pants. 

"Would the traveling pants fit you through all nine months of your pregnancy?" he inquired during an interview with her on The Late Show Wednesday. But, of course Stephen!

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"Do you know what the word 'magic' means, Stephen? Yes, they're magic! They would fit me all times," she confirmed.

While the films debuted a decade ago, the friendship they forged between the four actresses—Amber TamblynBlake LivelyAlexis Bledel and Ferrera—remains very much in tact. The expectant mama recently shared a snap of the group of ladies together appearing to welcome Ferrera's little one into the fold. With an unofficial induction already in effect, Ferrera has many other mommy decisions ahead of her—including what to name her first little one. 

While she has not yet revealed the sex or any potential monikers, the star has already ruled out one option: America. 

"I love my name now, but growing up with the name America is not easy," she told the late-night host. "I don't want to put that on my child because I know what that feels like, so I'm going to go with something that is more of like...a name."