Watch This Woman's Priceless Reaction to Winning $11 on HQ Trivia

Lauren May doesn't hold back after discovering her special prize

By Mike Vulpo Jan 04, 2018 12:53 AMTags

Winning HQ Trivia is kind of a big deal.

Across the country, app lovers are discovering the trivia game that has users answering questions live in hopes of a cash prize.

A strapping host by the name of Scott Rogowsky walks participants through a series of 12 multiple-choice questions on a range of topics. Get all 12 right and you win a share of the prize pot for that day. If you get one incorrectly, you're out of the daily competition.

Lauren May recently decided to play the game one afternoon and ended up getting all questions right.

As for what happened after she discovered she won $11.30, we'll let Avery Armour and Megan Kum's video tell the story.

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"Did I not get it?" an emotional Lauren asked before realizing her prize. "Oh my god! I won $11."

Tears were shed, screams were heard and dogs started to bark as Lauren celebrated her big win. And in just a few short days, the video has gone viral causing gamers of all ages to explore the special game.

In fact, the trivia game has even caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel who featured the app in his monologue Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As for Lauren, she's trying to handle this newfound fame the best way she can.

"How come people at work don't know I'm viral?" she joked on Twitter. "They like expect me to do my job or something..."