The Royals Season 4 Sneak Peek: Prince Liam Pulls a Gun on the King, a Royal Wedding & More OMG Moments!

Find out why Prince Liam is pointing a gun towards King Robert!

By Brett Malec Jan 05, 2018 3:30 PMTags

S--t is getting real regal!

In a drama-filled new sneak peek at season four of The Royals, which premieres Mar. 11, Prince Liam and and King Robert are at each other's throats.

"You're thick as thieve you two. You killed the king so you could be the king," Liam accuses Robert.

"Brother, you are not well," Robert replies before Liam pulls a gun on his big bro. "Shut up!" Liam yells. "This is where it all ends."

Luckily, Princess Eleanor steps in to whack Liam over the head with a heavy object. "This is why we don't spend any family time together," Eleanor tells her brood.

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But Liam's gun stunt is just the tip of the iceberg. The new promo also promises a royal wedding, major cat fights, another assassination attempt against King Robert and the return of fan-favorite guest stars Joan Collins and Elizabeth Hurley's real-life son Damian Hurley. Oh, and let's not forget about that hot a steamy make out scene between Princess Eleanor and Jasper!

Get excited, Loyals.

Season four picks up after Prince Robert (Max Brown) is crowned King of England, forcing his brother Prince Liam (William Moseley) and recently dethroned uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) to form an unlikely alliance. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) searches for her role in the palace and bodyguard Jasper (Tom Austen) tries to capture Princess Eleanor's (Alexandra Park) heart one more time just as they are about to face their biggest obstacle yet.