Kaylin Jurrjens Defends Her Husband's Shocking Suspension on WAGS Atlanta: ''He Wasn't Trying to Enhance His Athletic Ability!''

It's a whole new ballgame when it comes to these Georgia peaches

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 04, 2018 3:00 PMTags
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They're bringing a little southern charm and a whole lot of sass! 

On the series premiere of WAGS Atlanta, these women proved that when s--t hits the fan, they've got each others backs. Especially when it comes to the twists and turns of this fast paced life. 

Kaylin Jurrjens, wife of baseball player Jair Jurrjens, found herself between a rock and a hard place on this week's episode after it was revealed her husband was suspended for 80 games. "J.J. was going through a depression and he consulted a doctor who gave him supplements that he said would help him," Kaylin shared. "He wasn't trying to enhance his athletic ability, he was trying to be a normal, healthy person." 

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Sadly, this is just another set back for Kaylin and her husband J.J., who is still grieving the sudden loss of his father. While she tried to pull through and celebrate at a party Kierra Douglas was throwing, she ended up bailing to deal with the news in private. 

As the age old saying goes, the party must go on! With Kaylin's abrupt exit, Kierra decides to continue trying to have fun with the other WAGs. As we learned in this episode, no one knows how to have fun better than Hope Wiseman

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Kierra put her in charge of games, which is a move she would soon come to regret. "I have the perfect idea that will help everyone cheer up, and maybe teach them a thing or two," Hope reveals. Turns out that her idea of fun was having someone teach them all how to put a condom on a pickle—with their mouths! No one was down to play that game. 

Appearances can be deceiving, and not everyone's relationship is on solid ground. Kesha Norman revealed her past struggles with boyfriend C.J. Mosley's infidelity. So she decides to put hidden cameras in their home to watch C.J. and make sure he's being good. 

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Unfortunatley, C.J. finds out about the cameras (she forgot to turn off the voice operated motion censor!) and he's not happy about her lack of faith in him, which proves very bad for their relationship.

"The fact that you installed a hidden camera without me knowing, shows me that you still don't understand," C.J. tells her. "We just need some time apart." Looks like there might be some trouble in paradise this season.

See everything that went down on this week's episode in the recap video above!