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It's a new year and new you! 

Have you been thinking about your new years resolutions and goals? Well, according spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield, a strategic plan won't help much in 2018.

"Thanks to a long Saturn Retrograde along with a slow, steady Mars Retrograde this year is going to require impulse command," she told E! News. "For some, now is time to act on what you say you want, rather than talking about it. For others, now it's time to restrain yourself from over-planning and learn how to follow your intuition."

This also affects what you're going to wear over the course of the year. Following your intuition means being a little impulsive when shopping and buying that item that calls your name, or wearing a style that you love, even if it's out of the box. Self-expression is key.

"This year, express yourself fully so you connect with others from an authentic place," she continued. "That's where real relationships flourish."

What's in store for your sign? Check out 2018 horoscopes below!

ESC: Horoscopes

With hard work and thoughtful actions, you will excel this year with big payoffs. You can do anything you put your mind to, but you'll have to loosen up in order to do it. Don't be afraid to explore your sensual side or any other part of you that you've been keeping away from the world. Take "should" out of our vocabulary and replace it with "will," and you'll find yourself swimming in rewards (and clothes). 

ESC: Horoscopes, Capricorn, Nina Dobrev

SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

2018 Style: Statement Boots

Your hard work is paying off, hopefully freeing up some cash for you to spend elsewhere. What's better to invest in than an epic pair of boots, like Nina Dobrev's star-spangled ankle boots, that you can take along your journey? 

ESC: January horoscopes

Matteo Star Embroidered Leather Booties, Now $90

ESC: Horoscopes

Unconventional is the best way to describe what's ahead. You have to let the weird, wonderful and somewhat freaky parts of you show. Now granted, you've got a whole year to come out of your shell. So, one month at a time commit to revealing something new about yourself and expressing yourself in a new way. Say what you truly think (with kindness) and be all of you. It's time. The world has been waiting.

ESC: Horoscopes, Aquarius, Jasmine Tookes

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

2018 Style: Body-Accentuating Undergarments

The Aquarius knows that things that can't be seen matter most. Well, whether you're planning on rocking Jasmine Tookes' lingerie look or simply buying pretty bras and panties to dance around the house, it's time to upgrade your underwear and take pride dressing your body, even if you don't plan on revealing it to anyone else.

ESC: January horoscopes

Elektra Mesh Bra, Now $136; Elektra High-Waisted Panty, Now $262

ESC: Horoscopes

You have to find what deeply inspires you and act on that this year, my dear fish. What you believe in your heart needs a vehicle and external expression. No more swimming back and forth, back and forth. If you use your heart to make every choice, you will achieve your goals, even if you can't see the end result clearly.

ESC: Rihanna

Gotham/GC Images

2018 Style: Out-of-Box Fits

If you listen to your intuition, it may point you toward fashion choices that many can't pull off. Here's the thing: If you love it, others will admire your bold choices. You can pull it off with confidence. Try the oversized trend that Rihanna has mastered with prints that make a statement.

ESC: January horoscopes

Heist Pant, $92

ESC: Horoscopes

Slow down, my impulsive ram. By making thoughtful choices, taking your time and using your senses, you'll find it easy to make great decisions. Pleasure is the trade off for patience, so don't worry, you will reap grand benefits from your strategic thinking. Just remember to stay in moment, instead of racing to results.

ESC: Horoscopes, Aries, Jamie Chung

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

2018 Style: Monochromatic Looks

While Jamie Chung's olive green ensemble is a sight to behold, this look requires some forethought. You'll need a top and bottom that complement each other in the same hue, which can require more than one shopping trip and a little patience. Pro tip: To achieve this look, start with oversized nude pants that make it easy to match.

ESC: January horoscopes

Drape Twill High Waisted Cropped Pant, Now $118.50

ESC: Horoscopes

It's time to face your fears of letting go. You've probably figured out that avoiding problems isn't the same as resolving them. Well, there's some conflict ahead, and you'll have to make yourself vulnerable to get through them. Good news: Your willingness to confront adversities head on will produce new positivity into your life. New territory has a lot more to offer you than you know when you're clinging to the familiar. Look disagreement in the eye and watch it go from danger to delightful week by week, month by month.  

ESC: Horoscopes, Taurus, Olivia Culpo

BG015/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

2018 Style: Black Denim

You're traveling into new territory this year, so you need a wardrobe that can keep up. Black denim is a must. You can pair them with thigh-high boots like Olivia Culpo for a sultry, yet casual look, or add combat boots to kick those conflicts in the butt.

ESC: January horoscopes

High Waist Super Skinny Jeans, Now $44

ESC: Horoscopes

The year has barely started, yet you're already in the running for humanitarian of the year. Take advantage of something like Rent the Runway to free up some cash and put it into a great cause. You simply must serve your purpose this year.  Let you heart show you the way. Your health is a good barometer for how well you are on track this year. If you find yourself under the weather, it's time to reprioritize what gets your time and attention.

ESC: Horoscopes, Gemini, Emily Ratajkowski

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

2018 Style: Angelic White

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Take a note out of Emily Ratajkowski's fashion book, and bring out your favorite white garments to show your pure spirit and altruism. If you're headed to the mall, make sure your purchase has a philanthropic impact by supporting brands that give back.

ESC: January horoscopes

Cut-Detail Fitted Top, $108

10% of proceeds are donated to Children's Hospital LA, ASCPA and other animal charities.

ESC: Horoscopes

2018 calls for you to stand up for yourself and say no. Good news: This year will add a stronger backbone to your sensitive nature. You'll find that the more you stand firm, the less you'll have to do so. Hiding out will bring more confrontation. Find your inner warrior woman, but battle your enemies with grace. There's a lot of power in your unique ability to be both sweet and strong.

ESC: Horoscopes, Cancer, Margot Robbie

Raymond Hall/GC Images

2018 Style: Business Attire With a Feminine Twist

Show them who's the boss with work appropriate garments with flare, like Margot Robbie's tulle, bow-accented top. Standing up for what you believe in is easier when your wardrobe reads "I make power moves." Yet, you'll find that you don't need to sacrifice your sweet side to do so.

ESC: January horoscopes

Tie Neck Scoop Bodysuit, $295

ESC: Horoscopes

It's time to take your leadership to a whole new level, my proud lion. There's no time to bask in past success; there's too much to do. Your natural talents will allow you to shine a light when things are dark for those around you. However, tread lightly, because the added attention is satisfying to your ego and may cause backfires. Persistence, patient, courage are required to fill your leadership role. Watch for big wins by next December!

ESC: Winnie Harlow

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images for Dior

2018 Style: Statement Outerwear

Ready to make your debut? Wow the crowd with a jacket or coat that shows you mean business like Winnie Harlow's navy blue trench coat. It's your personality that people love, so make sure you add your twist.

ESC: January horoscopes

Sana Belted Jacket, $298

ESC: Horoscopes

This year may bring some moments that make you truly confused. But, this lack of clarity serves a purpose. Trust your intuition and you'll find your way, even if it feels like you're zigzagging. Your creativity and courage will be rewarded with an unlikely leadership role that sets new trends. Heart and head, indirect routes and gut instinct will get you just where you want and need to be.

ESC: Horoscopes, Virgo, Naomie Harris

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

2018 Style: Cashmere, Faux Fur & Other Soft Textures

OK, you may be zigzagging along your way to a new leadership role, so you'll need a wardrobe that can comfort you along the way. While Naomie Harris' fuzzy attire look cuddle-worthy, she's still slaying the fashion game. Take note!

ESC: January horoscopes

Cropped Cashmere Jumper, $562

ESC: Horoscopes

2017 was a year of growth, and now you're reaping the benefits. Now, it's time to get serious about how you're going to put your bounty to good use. You're giving back, but not without some conflict. While you're normally peaceful, the people closest to you know that you have a temperament that shakes things up whenever it makes an appearance. That's OK, as long as you know how to embrace your light and dark side together.

ESC: Horoscopes, Libra, Bella Hadid

Gotham/GC Images

2018 Style: Attention-Grabbing Basics

While many hurry to buy the latest trend, you're focused on perfecting the essentials. It's all in the details, and yours have a sultry twist. Basic tops like Bella Hadid's off-white button-down, curve-hugging denim and nude bodysuits are at the top of the Libra's 2018 shopping list.

ESC: January horoscopes

Twisted T-Shirt Bodysuit in Sand Knit, Now $23

ESC: Horoscopes

Get ready to shake things up. You've been longing for change, although part of you is downright terrified of it. Here's the key: Be flexible. Bend so you don't break or become stagnant mentally, emotionally or physically. Devoting yourself to someone or something greater than yourself will bring you great rewards this year. And, you'll find that expansion that results from stepping out of your norm was worth it.

ESC: Horoscopes, Scorpio, Gabrielle Union

Gotham/GC Images

2018 Style: Metallic-Accented Outfits

Things are shaking up in your life and wardrobe. Show your newfound sparkle with metallics by swapping out your black pants for Gabrielle Union's sequined trousers. Paired with a white button-down, this look brings the drama without being overbearing.

ESC: January horoscopes

ESC: Horoscopes

How you communicate will matter this year. You're expressive, but those around you respect your point of view when they're confident it comes from an authentic and tuned-in place. You have to show others you can speak and listen—both are important. You can make bold personal statements; just remember to be conscious of how they're received. If you can do this well through style, all eyes will be on you.

ESC: Horoscopes, Sagittarius, Rita Ora

Robert Kamau/GC Images

2018 Style: Statement Heels

Rita Ora's dress makes an impact, but her heels are a superb supporting feature. Since 2018 is pushing you to make personal statements, you need something similar. Opt for a pair of silver or gold shoes that will go with anything. This year, gold is the new nude for the Sag shopper.

ESC: January horoscopes

Claire Snakeskin-Embossed Leather Pumps, $135

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