The Ladies of WAGS Atlanta Discuss Their "Close Knit Community"

When it comes to the ladies down south, it's all about sticking together

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 29, 2017 12:26 AMTags

It's not all drama! 

While the ladies in the WAGS community are known for throwing a little shade every now and again, it's not all drama and high heels. Especially when it comes to the southern belles of WAGS Atlanta.

No matter what disagreements they may have, at the end of the day, they stand by their men and each other. "Females are the future and we're trying to show that we can be strong," Kesha Norman shared. "You have to have someone to depend on in our group."

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Niche Caldwell has definitely experienced the down side of being the wife of a former athlete. Since her husband Andre Caldwell retired, she's felt a little on the outside of things, but the other ladies have made their best efforts to continue to embrace her with open arms. 

"Being a WAG with somebody who is playing is a different world. I was not always invited into that world," Niche shared. But it wasn't long before the ladies found her advice as a former WAG to be helpful to them in their current journeys. "Being on the other side of that, they [now] understand where I'm coming from."

Since all of these women are going through some of the same trials and tribulations, there is a level of mutual respect. "There is a close knit community," Telli Swift shared. 

As far as Kierra Douglas is concerned, you're definitely going to see a side of these ladies that can only be seen in Atlanta. "[WAGS Atlanta] is a lot of women working for women," Kierra admits. 

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For Kierra, there is one woman in particular she is working to help—her single sister Ariel Anderson. Keeping Ariel out of trouble is a big priority for Kierra this season. Considering her sister is interested in athletes as well, it might prove trickier than she was hoping. 

"Infidelity is everywhere and particularly with athletes," Kierra shared. "I just want to make sure my sister is protected." When it comes to lifting each other up, Kierra has definitely got Ariel's back. 

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