Jodie Foster's Black Mirror Episode Is Going to Make You Think About Your Parents

Rosemarie DeWitt stars in the episode about a mother-daughter relationship

By Chris Harnick Dec 28, 2017 6:00 PMTags
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Black Mirror returns for six new episodes just in the nick of time to help you deal with holiday and familial stress. Jodie Foster makes her Black Mirror directorial debut with "Arkangel," an episode about a mother who goes to new lengths to protect her child.

"This film is much more grounded and feels like an indie movie. I loved the idea of exploring that in the context of a mother-daughter relationship," Foster told E! News. "I came from a single parent, mom, family and our relationship was really significant, the most significant relationship of my life. It's colored everything. I've been spending the last 30 years to figure it out, so that was an opportunity to figure it out."

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For Rosemarie DeWitt, it was a chance to work with Foster. "I too have been fixated on my relationship with my mom and now I'm fixated on my relationship with my kids, there was just so much to explore," DeWitt said.

This isn't just an episode for parents, although DeWitt said they will for sure respond to the themes established by creator Charlie Brooker. "I think there's potential for young people to respond to it too because there's an invasive quality to the way parents want to control their children's relationship to technology, so I'm hoping there's that as well," she said.

Click play to hear more about the episode from Foster and DeWitt.

Black Mirror drops new episodes on Netflix on Friday, Dec. 29.