See Inside Khloe Kardashian's Gym Bag: The Essentials Every Fitness Junkie Should Have

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 28, 2017 8:05 PMTags
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Here's what your workout is missing! 

Khloe Kardashian is fit and fierce and it's all thanks to her intense workout regimen. However, she couldn't get it done without a few extra essentials. Want to know what this fit female uses to boost her workouts? 

Obviously there is the water she has on hand to stay hydrated, but she also doesn't leave home without her trusty deodorant. And when it comes to getting that extra bit of tone in her muscles, she has a sweat belt that she swears by.

As the host of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe knows a thing or two about what you need when hitting the gym and getting into shape. With season two right around the corner, you're going to want to get up off the couch and start moving. These essentials are a great way to get you into gear! 

Secret Deodorant

"Have you seen how many of these deodorant sticks I have on hand at all times? Secret deodorant is a must for my gym bag." (Secret deodorant, $3.97)

A Towel & A Liter of Water, Minimum

"I usually grab my Avoin water bottle as I'm heading out the door and add some fruit slices!" (Avoin water bottle, $11.99)

Harbinger Gloves

"I do not want calluses." (Harbinger Gloves, prices vary)

My Beats Headphones

(Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, $139)

A Hat

"You won't catch me without one! A hat is a must for me and my favorite gym hats are snap backs or velcro because it's easy when you have a ponytail. These days I've been into the dad hats, so I'm slowly changing my mind, LOL!" (Athleta snap back hat, $26)

A Knee Brace

(Exous knee brace, $24.97)

A Sweat Belt

"I don't always use it, but it's in my bag just in case." (Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, $20.95)

Protein Powder

"I like the cookies and cream flavor." (Muscle Milk Cookies 'N Creme, $44.04)

Keys & Wallet

"I don't carry a purse to the gym, so I throw my essentials in my gym bag before I leave the house." (Tory Burch wallet, prices vary)

A Jump Rope

(Wini Adjustable Speed Cable Jump Ropes, $16.99)

Justin's Peanut Butter Packs

(Justin's pack of 10, $5.69)

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser

"I sweat like crazy after a good workout. I don't want my pores to get clogged and break out, so I immediately rinse my face with this gel cleanser. I love that it feels tingly and leaves my skin feeling really tight." (Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser, $21)

Crème de la Mer

"I warm up the face cream in my hands and press it into my skin. I swear, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles!" (Créme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream, $310)

Kiehl's Astringent

"The astringent is pretty potent, so I use it sparingly—mostly after I shave, to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs! It smells like medicine, but works so well." (Kiehl's Blue Astringent, $18)

PSSSST! Dry Shampoo

"Old-school does it the best! Psssst! Dry Shampoo has been around forever and when I don't have time to wash my hair, I just spray this and go." (Psssssst Instant Dry Spray Shampoo, $7.41)

Renu28 Skin Revitalizing Gel

"This gel is my anti-aging secret. It tightens and tones my skin, so I slather it on all over my face, neck and chest after washing my face!" (Asea Renu 28, $47.95)

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Now you have everything you need to get the best revenge of your life!