Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon Use Google Translate to Sing Christmas Songs

During Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show, the Pitch Perfect 3 star and the host sang lyrics that had been transcribed through Google Translate

By Elyse Dupre Dec 20, 2017 12:59 PMTags

It looks like Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon's caroling got lost in translation.

On Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show, the two celebrated the holiday season by singing Christmas songs that had been transcribed through Google Translate. 

"Now, if you've ever used Google Translate, you know it's not always perfect," Fallon explained.

The Pitch Perfect 3 star started by singing "Deck the Halls," which translated to "The Homes Are Covered." So instead of singing "deck the halls with boughs of holly; fa la la la la, la la la la," Rebel sang, "the homes are covered with the bush; par alar alar alar alar."

Fallon went next and did a rendition of "Jingle Bells," which translated to "Bells Make Sounds." 

"Bells make sounds. Bells make sounds. Bells always make sounds," he sang to the classic holiday hit. 

But the grand finale came when the two sang a duet of "Winter Wonderland", which translated to "I Ran Through the Land of Cold Unknowns."

Watch the video to see their hilarious performances.

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