The Voice Season 13: Who Should Win?

Team Miley vs. Team Adam vs. two Team Blakes had a showdown in the final four

By Lauren Piester Dec 19, 2017 3:44 AMTags
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We've reached another season finale of The Voice, and with that comes a new winner!

Tonight, the final four sang their hearts out in multiple performances of original songs, covers, and duets with their coaches. There were some seriously incredible voices up on that stage, and if you ask us, any of the ladies could and should win tomorrow night. 

As we head into that grand finale, there's one last member of Team Miley with Brooke Simpson, one last member of Team Adam with Addison Agen, and two remaining members of Team Blake with Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow. While NBC is counting those votes, let's talk about who should win, and then cast our own votes in the poll below! 

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Addison Agen (Team Adam)

Damn, though. Somehow, this girl is only 16, but she's got a voice beyond her years. She also has a sound that's both all her own and similar to some of the greatest female artists ever. We wouldn't be even a little shocked if she takes home the win tomorrow night. 


Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)

We will not lie, our hearts jumped a bit when we realized Miley and Brooke were going to duet on "Wrecking Ball" tonight. Brooke's voice is a little more traditional than Miley's, which is why "O Holy Night" was a really good traditional choice for her finale cover, and she knocked it out of the park. She is definitely a powerhouse. 

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Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)

What a shame Team Miley lost this Miley 2.0 in the knockouts, because we can only imagine what those two could accomplish together. As it is, Blake has done some serious good for her too, and she's got a great unique sound. 


Red Marlow (Team Blake) 

Guys like Red Marlow have a history of winning The Voice, but there's also always a guy like Red Marlow on The Voice. He's fine but the ladies have outshone him regularly. 


The Voice Season 13

Who should win The Voice?
Addison Agen (Team Adam)
Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)
Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)
Red Marlow (Team Blake)

The season finale of The Voice airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

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