The 7 Most Viral Moments of 2017: April the Giraffe, Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement and More

Looking back at the trendiest hings on the internet this year

By Kendall Fisher Dec 23, 2017 12:01 AMTags

We're inching closer to the end of 2017, but we couldn't ring in the new year without looking back on a few things first...

You know, like the biggest blessings the internet brought us this year!

Though 2017 was filled with tragedies and heartbreak that we're still mourning, there were a few things that seemed to unite all of us under a more positive light—be it through humor or tugging at our heartstrings or simply allowing us to take a break from the current climate of the world.

Internet's Most Famous Animals

For example, millions of people tuned into the livestream of a pregnant giraffe named April, who carried her calf for more than 15 months. The video lasted for several months and even went on to show her giving birth to a baby boy—a moment the internet couldn't stop talking and tweeting about.

And speaking of pregnancies, of course we included Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement, which broke Selena Gomez's record and became the most-liked Instagram photo ever.

But that's not all...There was a colorful Starbucks drink that took over our social media feeds as well as a hilarious BBC video interview that still has us LOL'ing.

See all the most viral moments from 2017 by launching the video above!