Jason Priestley Says He Punched Harvey Weinstein in the Face in 1995

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum says alleged incident took place during a confrontation at a Golden Globes party more than 20 years ago

By Corinne Heller Dec 16, 2017 7:35 PMTags
Harvey Weinstein, Jason PriestleyAmanda Edwards/WireImage. Anthony Devlin/PA Wire.

Brandon Walsh did what now?

Jason Priestley, who played Shannon Doherty's good guy twin brother on the '90s series Beverly Hills, 90210, claims that he once punched Harvey Weinstein during a confrontation at a 1995 Golden Globes party hosted by Miramax, a company the producer had co-founded and co-managed at the time.

Weinstein, who has made headlines in recent months over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, has not commented on the actor's remarks and alleged incident. A rep for Weinstein declined to comment to E! News.

"'95 Golden Globes... at the Miramax Party... Harvey told me I had to leave... I was leaving when he grabbed me by the arm and said, 'What are you doing?' I said, 'You told me leave, I'm leaving,'" Priestley, 48, tweeted on Friday. "'I didn't say you had to leave,' he replied. 'You just told me to leave... right over there,' I tell him once again. Getting heated now. He then grabs me tighter and says, 'Why don't we go outside and talk about this.' That was all I needed to hear."

"'I'm not going anywhere with you,' I said as I pushed him back and punched him with a right hand to his face," Priestley wrote. "Suddenly, there were security guards pulling us apart and I was escorted out of the party..."

Hollywood's Many Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Priestley made his comments after fellow Canadian star Tara Strong referenced the alleged incident while tweeting a message of sympathy towards Mira Sorvino after she responded to a report that quoted Peter Jackson as saying Weinstein's company had blacklisted her and Ashley Judd from working on Lord of the Rings. His rep said Weinstein had no input into the casting. Both Sorvino and Judd are two of at least 50 women who has accused the producer of sexual assault and harassment. He has denied taking part in non-consensual sex.

The actor had attended the 1995 Golden Globes ceremony with then-girlfriend Christine Elise, who played Emily Valentine on Beverly Hills, 90210.