Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott Share Their Favorite Holiday Photos From Childhood

HGTV stars discuss their family traditions and what they love most about the season

By Cydney Contreras Dec 15, 2017 9:52 PMTags
Property Brothers, Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott, Christmas, Family PhotosCourtesy of Scott Brothers Entertainment

Any fan of the HGTV show Property Brothers could easily recall the many milestones that Drew and Jonathan Scott have experienced in their nearly nine years on TV.

Drew's engagement to his longtime girlfriend may just ring a more recent bell. Rarely, however, do we get an inside look at the childhoods of these stars who have made their way into our hearts. That is until now!

The home improvement duo exclusively told E! News all about their family Christmas traditions like dressing up as Santa and also revealed the gifts that are sure to please any member of the Scott family.

For this family, the holiday celebrations start as soon as Halloween ends and the creepy decorations are stored away until next year. "We're the house that's playing Christmas music by November 1," Jonathan said.

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Courtesy of Scott Brothers Entertainment

Not to say that the 39-year-olds don't take the time to thoroughly appreciate their Thanksgiving feast. The turkey dinner is, after all, one of the more important aspects to making a successful holiday season with Jonathan telling E! News, "Food, music and laughter were/are the key ingredients."

And while the Scottish family may love their Haggis, their dinner is not complete without "turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and loads of stuffing."

Courtesy of Scott Brothers Entertainment
Courtesy of Scott Brothers Entertainment

They all enjoyed dessert, of course, with Drew enjoying it a little more than most. Jonathan revealed, "Drew would always insist mom made him his very own pumpkin pie, so he wouldn't have to share with anybody."

Following the feast, Drew and Jonathan, along with their older brother J.D., would get everyone out of their food comas and into the Christmas spirit by caroling around the neighborhood. "Jonathan would dress as Santa and we'd take eggnog and baked goodies to everybody around," Drew said. "Every house we'd go to, a few more people would join until we have about 20 in our group."

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And when Christmas morning finally rolled around, the family of five would gather together to share their homemade presents and enjoy the time they had together. Jonathan told E! News that family "experiences, spending time together, and making gifts that mean something," is more special than "store bought presents."

"It was not uncommon for us to create holiday scavenger hunts so that you had to answer riddles to find your home made gift," Jonathan explained.

These memories are just a few of the happy stories that the brothers have to share with plenty more to enjoy in their memoir It Takes Two.

Perhaps it could make for a great stocking stuffer for someone on your list.