Riverdale Reveals the Black Hood's Identity, or Does It?

We're not so sure about the end to the latest Riverdale mystery

By Lauren Piester Dec 14, 2017 2:00 AMTags
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Well that was...fun?

Forgive us, we're still a little traumatized from watching Archie get closed up in a coffin, and witnessing Jughead assault a woman (who was blackmailing him and his family, but like, still...) during Riverdale's midseason finale. While yes, everything did (seem to) end well enough, we can't help but feel like there's something sinister still lurking, mostly because Jughead's voiceover there is. 

"In that void, she'd seen a dark reflection, a truth that could not be burned away. A truth that whispered to her, this isn't over," he told us dramatically as Betty dramatically stared into the dramatic fire. 

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Tonight, the Black Hood was supposedly revealed to be that creepy janitor, which is exactly who it was obvious it was going to be as soon as there even was a creepy janitor. But at the same time, that's so obvious that we think it can't be true.

Why would the janitor know so much about Betty? Why did it take so long for us to meet him? Something just seems amiss here, and that "reveal" didn't feel quite as significant as it should have, you know? 

Apparently, back when the janitor's entire family was killed, he accused a man who was actually probably innocent, and then when that man was murdered (by Betty's grandfather, among others, with an assist from Cheryl's Nana Rose), Mr. Janitor felt guilty enough to grow up to attempt to murder a bunch of people. It makes sense, we guess, but there is clearly something else going on.

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Elsewhere, Veronica blackmailed her parents into allowing her to pay for Fred's excessive medical bills and also to let her in on their shifty family business. She ended the night by declaring to Archie that she does, in fact, love him, thereby ending Riverdale's first venture into one of TV's biggest relationship tropes with only a minor, temporary break-up in the middle and some creepily photographed kisses to top it all off. 

Oh and Jughead is still really into this whole Serpent thing, which is fine we guess, maybe. But we honestly prefer it when he just blogs. 

Now we're off to Spiffany's to buy Glamourgé eggs for our entire family for Christmas! 

Riverdale returns to the CW in January.