WAGS' Nicole Williams Gets Hit With Pre-Wedding Nerves as She Gets Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

From guest cancellations to last minute dress alterations, this bride-to-be is stressin'

By Mona Khalifeh Dec 14, 2017 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Nicole Williams & Larry English's Pre-Wedding Rituals

The big day has finally arrived for Nicole Williams and the WAG is as nervous as ever about her upcoming nuptials.

In this clip from Sunday's WAGS L.A. season finale, Nicole nearly has a freak-out over some last minute wedding details. From a guest cancellation to dress alterations, her bridal suite is busy to say the least.

"My bridal suite is hectic. The buttons on my dress aren't even on yet. I'm like literally going crazy," a frantic Nicole said. "I hope Larry isn't going through all this. Like if I'm freaking out here, I know for sure he is."

Nicole Williams Overwhelms Fiance Larry English With Wedding Plans

Eh, not so much. While Nicole was yelling at her bridesmaids to hustle up for bridal suite pics, Larry English was enjoying some chicken wings and drinks with his boys.

Dressed up and ready to go, Larry got a little toast in before heading out to the venue.

"Transitioning to the new chapter. Now we're really about to take off after this. You thought it was crazy before, it's really gonna be crazy now," Larry boasted, clinking glasses with his groomsmen.

Check out the couple's pre-wedding moments in the clip above.