See Nicole Williams and Larry English Get Married on WAGS L.A. Season Finale: "I Can Now Say I'm Mrs. English!"

It was the perfect fairytale wedding that they've always dreamed of

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 18, 2017 4:00 AMTags
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Cheers to new beginnings! 

To say the least, this season of WAGS L.A. brought a lot of joy, tears and even a few fights. Okay, a lot more than a few. With the two-part season finale, we saw reconciliations, new beginnings and even one bittersweet ending. 

First, on the second to last episode of the season, Nicole Williams ditched her own bachelorette party to head to Colombia to surprise (and spy on) Larry English alongside her ride or dies Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson

The men were very surprised indeed. While Larry seemed a little annoyed at first, ultimately, he was just happy to have his lady there with him and the group partied the night away! 

On the finale, Larry and Nicole tied the knot in beautiful Laguna Beach. While the road to get here was a little bumpy, it ended up being the perfect day. "It just feels so, so good that I can now say I'm Mrs. English," the blushing bride revealed. 

"To call myself Larry's wife and to call him my husband, it's just surreal," Nicole revealed. The two were absolutely glowing and the rest of the wedding went off without any drama. 


Almost all the ladies were in attendance, even Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu, who were able to finally put their differences aside and repair their friendship

"I just want all the tension to be done. Because I do know your true intentions, I do know who you truly are," Autumn revealed. "Whatever was said, I am willing to move on."  

Sadly, Barbie Blank revealed that she and Sheldon have officially decided to separate. "I got a phone call this morning from Shel, and he's like, 'I think it's best that we get separated,'" Barbie revealed. "I never thought we would get to this point...I can't even imagine getting divorced and losing him." 

It has been a long season, and while the ladies didn't always see eye to eye, the WAGS roll tight. At the end of the day, they are there for each other no matter what. 

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