Zac Efron Reveals Why The Greatest Showman Is Different From High School Musical

Actor also gushes over his co-star Zendaya and their kissing scenes

By Mike Vulpo Dec 11, 2017 10:12 PMTags
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Shout it—or sing it—from the rooftops: Zac Efron is back to working on musicals.

Close to a decade after appearing in Hairspray and the final High School Musical movie, the Hollywood star is back singing and dancing on the big screen thanks to The Greatest Showman.

And if you're curious, Zac couldn't be more excited.

"It feels great. It feels good. This is a real neat one too. It's just different," he shared with E! News at the New York City premiere. "The movie is very powerful and has a lot to say. I think it's an important one for our generation so it's got a big voice and the potential for it to be heard for our generation is really massive."

He added, "It feels important and has weight, but it's also very fun and very cool and it tells a really interesting story."

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Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is Hollywood's newest musical that celebrates the birth of show business. It also features a love story between Zac and Zendaya's characters that is sure to provide more than a few special scenes.

"She's one of a kind. I didn't know what to expect…but she was awesome," Zac explained. "She took it to a whole other level which was very exciting because once the torch was lit, we were just ready to go."

As for their kissing scene in the Golden Globes nominated film, it means much more than just another on-screen smooch.

"The kiss is just really earned. These are two people that are really not even allowed to touch, aren't allowed to be around each other, let alone love each other. It's 1850," he teased. "It was blasphemy. It's a shame. Some of those rules are still around today so the message still resonates strongly and that's why I think the kiss is so epic."

Watch all the magic unfold when The Greatest Showman hits theatres everywhere December 20.