Kate Hudson Channels Leonardo DiCaprio's '90s Spiky Hair—and It's Hilarious

Two stars sport the same look, even decades apart

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Who wore it better? ?? #Hairspiration @leonardodicaprio

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Doppelgänger alert!

Kate Hudson discovered her Hollywood twin and it might strike you as a surprise. Since chopping her locks, the actress has managed to channel the likes of...'90s Leonardo DiCaprio

The actress proved her theory with a social media side-by-side comparison of her current pixie cut styled to spike up in all different directions with a shot of DiCaprio from a Titanic premiere in 1997.

Needless to say, there was definitely a resemblance. "Who wore it better?" she quipped on Instagram on Friday. "#Hairspiration @leonardodicaprio."

Well, Leo DiCaprio, what do you think?

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While we wait for him to weigh in on the debate, Hudson's loyal followers chimed in with a few digital thoughts of their own. "I think @leonardodicaprio beat you by just a hair, @katehudson," one fan joked. 

"Look how fast your hair is growing back!!! So cute!!! You're rocking it!" another follower observed. 

Hudson initially buzzed off her signature blond locks over the summer for an upcoming film also starring Maddie Ziegler and directed by Sia called Sister. As for the drastic new look, the actress welcomed it with open arms. 

"I wish the story felt [bigger]," she told E! News in September. "For me, it was a necessary thing to do for this part. I was so excited about it. So it was like, 'Okay, let's just shave it.' So it was more excitement than overthinking it." 

In fact, the hair transformation became a family activity. "Bing actually cut it. I thought for him to be a part of it wouldn't feel so shocking," she revealed to E! News. 

Months later, it seems Hudson is still having tons of fun with the chop, like being able to double as DiCaprio's hair twin. Her final word of advice? "Every woman at one point should just shave it all off."

Duly noted, Kate!