Madonna's Pre-Concert Ritual Is Just as Wild as You'd Imagine

The Queen of Pop discusses what she does to get ready for a show

By Kendall Fisher Dec 08, 2017 6:02 PMTags

Nothing that Madonna does is low-key, including how she goes about preparing for a concert.

The 59-year-old Queen of Pop stopped by Live! With Kelly and Ryan where she discussed everything that goes into her tours.

"It's like putting on a Broadway musical that is then going to tour the world," she explained to Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. "I have to plan every aspect of it—from the music to the visuals—and design the stage. But then I have to physically prepare myself for it, which requires a lot of different exercises and workouts, depending on what I do in the show. I get my stamina up."

In fact, Madonna's pre-concert ritual includes training right up until she takes the stage.

"I warm up," she explained. "The warm up usually lasts about 20 minutes. It's ridiculous because I do my sound check, which is exhausting and drives everyone crazy. Then I leave, and I get my oxygen treatment, and I usually have me cranial guide do something or my physical therapist adjust something, [like] tape my ankles. Something's always wrong."

At that point, Kelly chimed in and noted she'd be happy to take on the role of taping Madonna's ankles...LOL!

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Madonna also got to chatting a bit about her kids and their many artistic talents, growing up with her as their mother.

"There's music. There's art. There's dance," she said. "My kids are all drawn to playing one instrument or another. My oldest daughter dances. My son, Rocco, paints. David is a soccer player, but he says his fallback career is being a singer/songwriter. He's self-taught. Whereas my daughter, Mercy, is classically trained, and she does gymnastics."

However, Madonna said Mercy recently decided she wants to go another route with her career, and she might end up competing with Kanye West!

"She announced to me the other day that she wants to be a designer of sportswear and lougewear—basically the next Kanye!"

You go, Mercy!

Check out Madonna's interview in the video above.