Kate McKinnon Dishes on Playing Everyone From a Goat to Kellyanne Conway

Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon talks to E! about her animated role in Ferdinand.

By Madagan Riley Dec 07, 2017 10:20 PMTags
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Kate McKinnon can play anything, even an animated goat!

The Saturday Night Live star opened up to E! News about her busy year of working that included her newest role as a calming goat opposite John Cena in Blue Sky's Ferdinand. The Hollywood stars lent their voices to the classic tale of Ferdinand the bull who only wants to smell the flowers rather than fighting.

Kate is mostly famous for her six years as a cast member of the iconic, late night comedy show Saturday Night Live, where she plays everyone from Hillary Clinton to Justin Bieber. This time around, she loved getting to work from a sound booth. 

"The time saved on not having to put on a full base and mascara is gorgeous," she joked to E! News. "That might have been the best part."

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Ultimately, Ferdinand was a great opportunity for Kate because of the range she found. "Getting to play characters that you would never be cast as, such as a goat" was a fun change she explained to us.

The ensemble cast for the animated flick has an all-star roster including David Tennant, Gina Rodriguez, David Diggs and Peyton Manning.

Away from the big screen, Kate has also been hard at work on the 43rd season of Saturday Night Live. Her favorite character this season was playing Kellyanne Conway but in the style of Pennywise the Clown for an IT parody. Talk about range!

She doesn't break much during the funny sketches, but apparently she breaks most when other people already have. "I try not to, I try. I really do. It's unprofessional, but it's kind of fun when it happens," she joked to us.

Ferdinand hits theaters on December 15.