Barbie Blank Confronts Sasha Gates Over Stealing Allegations at Nicole Williams' Bachelorette Party on WAGS

And this time Barbie Blank is in on the action

By Mona Khalifeh Dec 11, 2017 4:00 AMTags
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It seems like Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates just can't leave their drama behind.  

On this week's episode of WAGS L.A., Autumn clued Barbie Blank in to their latest spat over a couple of butt facials.

"In old Sasha fashion, she just lied and tried to manipulate," Autumn told her.

Barbie was sad that the once super-close friends couldn't work it out, but that didn't keep Autumn from spilling the tea about Sasha.

"She's telling me that she's going to your wedding in one breathe and in the next breathe she was accusing you of stealing her Rolex," Autumn confessed.

Visibly shocked, Barbie was insulted that Sasha would accuse her of stealing.

"Number one, there was a f--king hundred other people there. Why would I? I could buy my own f--king Rolex without a man!" Barbie exclaimed.

The girls didn't want to ruin Nicole Williams' bachelorette party, but there's no way they were gonna let this one go.

While the ladies were gearing up to confront Sasha, Nicole was busy worrying about Larry English's bachelor party in Colombia.

"I'm gonna be googling things. Women in Colombia. Going out in Colombia. What the hell. What's in Colombia?" Nicole wondered.


Larry and the girls assured Nicole that she had nothing to worry about, but this wife-to-be wasn't able to breathe easy until she got that FaceTime call from her boo.

To Nicole's surprise, her fiancé was just spending the night chilling at home.

"I don't want to worry about Larry or Colombia, I don't even want to think about it. I want to have so much fun that I don't even know where he is," Nicole admitted.

Barbie and Autumn kept it drama free for most of the bachelorette bash till Barbie decided to confront Sasha while the ladies sipped on cocktails by the pool.

"It got brought to my attention at your video shoot about a year ago, that you thought I had stolen your Rolex," Barbie announced.

Sasha quickly clapped back, denying that she ever thought that.

With the girls talking over each other, the fight quickly moved from Barbie and Sasha to Sasha and Autumn, reigniting their feud.

"I feel like Autumn wouldn't just pull something like that out of nowhere. It just doesn't make sense," Barbie said.

See everything that went down in this week's episode in the recap video above!