Brie Mode! Brie Bella Gets Back in the Ring & Contemplates Her WWE Comeback on Total Divas

By Mona Khalifeh Dec 06, 2017 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Is Brie Bella Ready to Make Her Big Return to the Ring?

Could it be time to reactivate Brie Mode?!

We certainly hope so! In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, Brie Bella gets back in the practice ring for the first time since giving birth to Birdie.

"I've literally had a baby two months ago and I feel like I haven't worked out for 20 years. I'm out of breath, out of shape and I'm just thinking to myself, ‘Oh man, this sucks,'" Brie confessed.

After taking some tumbles alongside sister, Nikki Bella, and Total Divas newbie, Nia Jax , Brie contemplated the possibility of regaining her spot on the WWE roster.


"If the boss was like, ‘Hey, I'd like you to come back,' how do you say no to that opportunity?" Brie wondered.

Before getting too amped about making a comeback, Nikki reminded Brie about their already busy schedules.

"Think of how your life really is. We already have to leave soon to go back to Birdie. I know you and where you want to be, personally, physically, technique-wise and I just don't think…" Nikki trailed off.

Last, but not least, Brie turned to hubby, Daniel Brian, for some advice.

"If you really want to do it and they had something good for you, we could make it happen and you would be really pleased with yourself," Brian offered.

 But, that's going to mean rededicating herself to the ring. Is this new mom up for the challenge?

Watch Brie dust off some of her old moves in the clip above.