You're Doing It Wrong: No-Fuss Hair Extensions

Kylie Jenner's hairstylist reveals a quick and easy way to add length

By Alanah Joseph Dec 05, 2017 4:11 PMTags

If you want longer hair, there are two ways to go about it: You can nurture your tresses with vitamins and hair-care until it gets longer, which can take months or years, or invest in extensions that can take you from Anna Wintour to Pocahontas hair in mere minutes.

When you're beauty obsessed, extensions sound perfect. They allow you to play with the length of your hair without doing anything permanent. Just take Kylie Jenner, who quickly built a reputation from her willingness to try just about anything related to beauty, including teal highlights, a lime green tresses and every length between a bob and mermaid-level hair.

This is why we weren't surprised when her hairstylist, Johnathan Columbini, revealed halo extensions as a quick and easy way to add length during the holidays. With clients like Kylie, Ariel Winter and Kendall Jenner, he's used extensions more than a few times.

 "For girls at home the halos are the easiest, because you're just sectioning the hair and putting it in," he said while demonstrating quick holiday styles on freeSTYLE.

Halo extensions are made to fit your head, so you don't need glue or thread. The angle at which it sits keeps it secure and comfortable. As the pro mentioned, applying them is as simple as sectioning the hair horizontally, and layering them in between the sections. They come in various lengths and every hair color, so you can tailor your hair piece to fit your desired look. 

Pro tip: To add volume, invest in extensions closer to your natural length. 

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Fast, easy and comfortable—will you try these hair extensions this season? Tell us below! 

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