The Reshuffling of the Young Hollywood Dating Scene: The Juiciest Hookups and Backslides in 2017

The Young Hollywood dating scene just hit the shuffle button this year.

By Seija Rankin Dec 05, 2017 1:00 AMTags

The romantic world of young Hollywood is a very confusing place to be. It's probably difficult to navigate for the impressionable millennials that find themselves in its throes, but the group we're really talking about it the rest of us. Those who attempt, often unsuccessfully, to follow the love lives of young stars. 

For to keep track of who is dating whom, who broke up with whom and which couple is backsliding is to know true bewilderment. Hollywood hearts change on a dime and the hookups come even faster than that. 

2017 was no exception, with plenty of juicy new hookups among the millennial set and a few romantic reunions to boot. 

Let's begin with the most shocking. The reconciliation of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber was the reconciliation heard 'round the world. We'd call it JelenaGate 2017 but we're really sick of that whole -gate thing. 

So let's back up. First Selena Gomez and The Weeknd hooked up and that was crazy—partly because everyone thought that Bella Hadid and Selena were friends (we were wrong; they just kind of ran in the same circles so technically Selena didn't owe her anything okay?) and partly because The Weeknd and Bieber are rife to be enemies/frenemies (and that just seems dangerous). But then they were super cute, what with all of the snuggling by parking lot dumpsters and going to Coachella together, so the public got used to it. 

Then they broke up, and that was kind of crazy, mostly because of how hot and heavy they had been. Clearly we didn't know what we were collectively in store for and that soon Selena would enter into a hookup (we're not quite ready to call it a "relationship" yet) that had everything saying, "What year is it?" Jelena is getting hotter and heavier by the day and it looks like we'll be spying on their bike rides long into 2018. 

On the other side of that jumbled mess is an even more jumbled mess. First Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were dating as mentioned earlier. It seems like a lifetime ago that they broke up (but following these young millennials will age a person) but it's relevant because of what happened afterwards. Not do be outdone by The Weeknd's many romantic headlines, Bella went and started a hookup rumor of her own by being photographed several times with the one and only Drake, a.k.a. one of the few young artists currently more successful than The Weeknd. 

As soon as the news broke that an ancient overlord had reawakened Jelena none other than The Weeknd and Bella were spotted hanging out undercover. We're going to breeze past that web of confusion and go straight to the latest hookup news: That The Weeknd and Katy Perry probably went on a date. We'll just let that one simmer. 

This next reshuffling is far less complicated, but interesting for the speed at which it was completed. Kylie Jenner and Tyga dated for years so when they entered yet another cooling-off period most people assumed it would be just that. Then before we could say goosebumps she was in a full-on serious relationship with Travis Scott. It all started at Coachella, where the rapper was on-hand to perform and the makeup mogul was on hand to...hold his hand. They were soon spotted in his hometown of Houston and everyone knows what that means. She joined him on tour and then they got matching butterfly tattoos. Case closed. 

There have been rumors that Tyga has found a new flame—and a Kylie look-a-like at that—but that's simply more than a mind can process right now. 

The young Jenners love to keep the world on its toes. Kendall spent the better part of a year letting her fans sweat it out over whether she was dating A$AP Rocky or whether they were just friends. Then as soon as we turned our backs she struck up a romance with Blake Griffin. They're not, like, official or anything yet, but there's enough evidence out there to proof that something is afoot. 

There was the double date at Craig's with Hailey Baldwin and Chandler Parsons. There was the outing at Soho Beach House in Malibu and the outing at Nobu in Malibu. And there's the fact that lately she's been cheering him on courtside at several games. 

This is the tale of Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz. First they dated. Then they broke up. Then this fall they randomly rekindled the flame. How was this news released to the public? By subtle Instagram posts of course. The first inkling came when the actress re-followed the aspiring photographer. Then she commented on one of his photos with a heart Emoji. Finally, they actually posted pictures of each other. 

Beckham is currently attending NYU so one could assume that his permanency stateside is the cause of this reunion, but it could just be a fun hookup. 

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are on the exact opposite end of the millennial age spectrum than Brooklyn and Chloe Grace but their relationship seems to have taken the exact same trajectory—they were together, they were separate, now they're probably together again. And, like the true youthful spirits that they are, they slowly released hints to the world via social media. Chris posted a video of his dog that featured Jenny's very distinctive laugh as background noise. (One of those non-accident accidents, ya know?) Final word on the seriousness of this backslide has yet to come, but background noise doesn't lie.