Kate Winslet Reveals How She Would Have Saved Jack in Titanic

Was their sex scene really that sweaty? Not exactly...

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 01, 2017 2:11 PMTags

Kate Winslet knows she let Jack down. 

20 years after she and Leonardo DiCaprio joined cinematic history as the iconic Rose and Jack in James Cameron's Titanic, the Oscar winner is sharing secrets about the film that turned her into a household name. 

During a visit to Stephen Colbert's Late Show, the actress answered some quick-fire trivia questions about the movie, including that car scene, that sketch scene and that door scene. 

Most younger fans can remember awkwardly sitting in the theater alongside their parents when Jack and Rose decided to get frisky in one of the cars in the ship's storage. Turns out—their sweat wasn't all organic. 


"I don't think it was scripted. I think we came up with it on the day," Winslet recalled of the sex scene. "It did get quite sweaty in the car, but we were spritzed down with spray Evian bottles to make us look really like in the throes of… "

As for the moment when Jack draws her like one of his French girls, that was actually the director's artwork. However, Jack and Rose could have been much different had Winslet's initial counterpart been cast. "I auditioned with Matthew [McConaughey]—isn't that weird?" Winslet revealed. "Never said that in public before!"

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

While we know it was DiCaprio who officially ended up hanging off of a door, it was Winslet who suffered some real-life sickness because of their scenes in the water. 

"I did get hypothermia," she confirmed to Colbert. "I was really f--king cold." According to the actress, there was so much water that she imagines they did not have the resources to heat it all for filming. 

Of course, the one thing that still irks fans to this day is the fact that Jack and Rose could have both fit on the door that ultimately saved her life.

"In the famous line, you say 'I'll never let you go, Jack,'" Colbert brought up.

"I lie. I know. I know. I agree. I lie. I fully lie," she acknowledged. "He should have tried harder to get on that door."

As the pièce de résistance to the interview, the two demonstrated how their time in the water should have really unfolded. 

Check out the clip above for a good laugh!