Stephanie Pratt Accuses Ex Jonny Mitchell of Living a "Secret Double Life" in Twitter Rant

See what the former Hills star wrote on social media Thursday

By Jess Cohen Dec 01, 2017 12:14 AMTags

Stephanie Pratt has taken to Twitter to discuss her split with ex-boyfriend Jonny Mitchell.

Just days after the former Hills star broke down in tears on social media over the split, Pratt is posting messages about her ex on Twitter. On Monday, the 31-year-old star posted a photo of herself on Instagram Story which read "makeup by jm."

After seeing the response to the picture, Pratt posted a series of videos on Instagram. She began by saying, "Hi strangers, just need to apologize for posting a photo of myself crying, since none of you know what my life is like. None of you know that I'm not speaking to my family. None of you know that I ended up calling the police last night because I was terrified. So f--k all of you."

The next day, Pratt seemed in good spirits, posting on Instagram as she got a makeover. But on Thursday, she began posting messages with allegations about her ex.

In one tweet, she shared a screenshot of an Instagram message she received that reads, "Just to let u know I go Exeter uni and your boyfriend johnny slept with 2 people when he came to do his club promotion here there is video evidence and everything." Pratt wrote in response to the message, "I can't tell if I'm numb or in absolute shock..."

She also posted a screenshot of an Instagram comment someone mentioned her in that reads, "Ask your boyfriend what he got up to in exeter, you'll probably wanna know."

In another tweet, Pratt shared a picture message she received of Mitchell and a woman. "While my dog keke was days away from dying... this is just so lovely," she tweeted.

Pratt continued posting screenshots of messages, writing, "Date at STK and then the Box and tried to pay the source off... #wow."

Pratt then referenced her call to police Monday in a tweet. Along with a screenshot of her text conversation with her agent, Pratt wrote, "And finally the urgent text to my agent when it went too damn far..." 

The screenshot shows Pratt writing "CALL ME" to her agent, followed by "JUST CALLED THE POLICE ON JONNY."

She then wrote to her followers, "I didn't want to ever indulge more into my cryptic text abt calling the police- but now seeing his secret double life. WOW. My heart is just smashed. So much deceit & abuse. WHY. I'm not a bad person... why why why."

She then tweeted one follower who sent her support, "Thank you- don't worry when I called the police I let him go & I knew I would never speak to that monster again and I never will."

E! News has not verified Pratt's abuse claims and Mitchell has not commented publicly on them. We have reached out to Mitchell for comment.