Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Questions a Little Girl About Whether She's Been Naughty or Nice

Lucy insists she's been nice all year, but the late-night host has some proof that indicates otherwise

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 30, 2017 2:11 PMTags

Lucy insists she's been nice all year, but Jimmy Kimmel has some proof that indicates otherwise. 

During an annual round of "Naughty or Nice? with Jimmy and Guillermo," the late-night duo got into their colorful elf gear and sat down with youngster Lucy to find out if she's been naughty or nice. She immediately stole our hearts when she arrived toting two adorable letters, one for Santa and another for Jesus. 

Of course, the little lady insisted she's been well-behaved all year. "I've been extra good," Lucy told Kimmel. 


However, she had a bone to pick about her sister, Olivia. "She closes the door on me and she also sometimes comes in my room with me when I tell her not to," the youngster reported. 

When the host asked her if he and Guillermo should report back to Santa, Lucy agreed. She even threw in that Olivia is mean to their mother, too. However, she wasn't so honest when it came to questioning about her own behavior with her mom. 

"So, you're saying you never argue with your mother and always do what she wants you to do?" Kimmel asked. While she agreed, a video of her throwing a tantrum over a dress suggested otherwise. Of course, Kimmel had it all queued up on an iPad. "What happened there?" Kimmel quipped. 

When faced with the evidence, Lucy said she "forgived" her mom for making her wear the dress. 

The visit wrapped up with a visit to a gingerbread house, where she could deliver a personal message to Santa. "Don't poop in there!" Kimmel warned. 

While she started off asking for presents, Kimmel guided her remarks. "I'm always going to listen to my mom, even if I disagree with her intensely," she recited. "So help me God. Amen."

To watch the hilarious clip for yourself, check it out above!