Drama Erupts on the Beach When Asiah Collins Gets Dragged Into Alycia Bella and Crystal Smith's Beef OnThe Platinum Life

The girls' dreamy Cancun vacation quickly turns to a nightmare when Crystal Smith's friends bring the group's beef to a whole new level

By Mona Khalifeh Dec 01, 2017 4:00 AMTags
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The women leave the drama behind and jet off for a Cancún getaway! Little did they know, the drama would follow them all the way to Mexico.

On this week's episode of The Platinum Life, Asiah Collins invited the ladies on a trip to Cancún, where she was set to do a photo-shoot for Ethika.

"I was given the opportunity to do a shoot for a marketing campaign. They want to do a shoot in an exotic place. How great would it be if the seven of us went to…Mexico?!" Asiah announced.


However, not all the girls would be attending. Nazanin Mandi opted out to work on her EP with the help of her boo, Miguel, and it didn't take long before LoLa Monroe decided that she too would be trading time on the beach for time in the studio.

"I told Asiah that I would go on this trip, but I got songs I gotta finish recording. I get to perform my music for bloggers, for industry people, for my friends, for producers. It's the beginning of my comeback," a determined LoLa said.

LoLa decided to secure the bag and her career with hubby, King Los. Though it's all love at home, in the studio, they mean business.

"When I'm working with Los, he's not my man, I'm not his girl. When we in the studio, it's all about work, it's all about focus," LoLa stated.

While LoLa worked on her career, the other girls sipped champagne by the pool. But they soon had champagne problems when Crystal Smith decided to call out Alycia Bella for ragging on Asiah' friend, Blanca.

"You was making jokes too. So, why was it all on me?" Crystal asked Alycia.


But, Alycia claims she doesn't remember joking around."To be honest, I don't remember making a joke. I know that I said pay it dust. I was really trying to get you to look past it," Alycia replied.

The drama got worse at Asiah's photo shoot, when Crystal's friend's wanted to make their presence known.

"Everyone knew this trip was about me doing this photo shoot for Ethika. So for your friends, your guests to be acting disrespectful in front of the entire resort, you're like ruining my business opportunity," a disappointed Asiah lamented.

It didn't take long for Asiah and her crew to respond, lighting fuel to a fire that would burn through the night.

"I'm about to bop this bitch in her head! Come bring your ass over here then. I ain't never seen you before in my life. Who is you?" Asiah yelled back.

Things got so bad, that the camera crew stepped in and stopped production to avoid further conflict.

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