Dominic Sherwood Apologizes to Shadowhunters Fans for Using a Gay Slur

See what the actor told his Instagram followers Tuesday evening

By Jess Cohen Nov 29, 2017 5:48 PMTags

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Dominic Sherwood has taken to Instagram to apologize to his fans.

The 27-year-old Shadowhunters actor was caught using a gay slur on co-star Matthew Daddario's Facebook Live on Tuesday. While Daddario was talking to his fans, Sherwood could be heard in the background greeting his co-star by saying, "What's up f-g?"

Daddario then told Sherwood, who was unaware he was live, "Stop! Stop! I'm live."

On Tuesday evening, Sherwood posted an apology video on Instagram, with Daddario standing by his side. "I'm speaking to all of you today to hold myself accountable and not to make any excuses in any way," Sherwood began.

"The way I behaved today was disgusting and abhorrent and Matt's reaction was absolutely correct, it was one of disgust," he continued. "I think so many problematic phrases go unchallenged and they perpetrate negativity and hate and intolerance and today I was a part of that and I am truly, truly sorry."

Sherwood went on to say that he's sorry for "disappointing" his fans. Daddario then spoke, telling the fans of their show that the Shadowhunters cast and crew stands for "love and kindness" and they support everyone who watches.

Take a look at video above to see Sherwood's apology.