Before she was engaged to the Prince Harry of England, Meghan Markle of Los Angeles was just an American actress doing a bit of press...

Of course, the Suits star, who just officially announced she was leaving the show after season seven, had no idea she was going to be an English princess in the not-so distant future when she sat down for this (recently unearthed) light-hearted quiz on all things British to promote the show's sixth season back in July 2016 .

Interestingly enough, July 2016 just so happens to be the month that Meghan secretly started dating her Prince Charming.

In the video, which was funny at the time, but is now hilarious given the overall context, the actress sits down for a Q&A with British cable channel Dave and is quizzed on her British knowledge.

Turns out Meghan really doesn't know many completely random and arbitrary facts about the UK! 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Eddie Mulholland/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

In the video, Meghan's asked to identify which silly named bar is real (the Brits love a wacky named pub), what the national animal is for England, Scotland and Wales and what the British slang translates to in "American."

Honestly, with magical answers like "unicorn" and "dragon," we bet there are a lot of Brits who would fail this test—which is exactly what Megan did. Failed. 

Given that all of Great Britain and the world has its eyes on her, we wouldn't be surprised if the 37-year-old's been studying up on her British history over the past few months so that she can dazzle the royal family.

Nowadays, we bet the Northwestern grad, who has been hopping over to England on the reg to visit her main man for over a year, would nail any "Britishness" exam thrown at her.

We do have a feeling that if Meghan had been tasked to name the members of the royal family during the quiz, she may have been able to pass with flying colors...

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