Dry Winter Skin Is No Match for These 12 Skin Care Saviors

By Taylor Stephan Nov 30, 2017 5:00 PMTags
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Fact: Keeping your skin in check during the winter months is easier said than done.

Why does it feel like, almost overnight, your face isn't your own? All of a sudden you're dealing with insanely dry skin, which, aside from being annoying, causes your makeup to flake off and kills any remainders of that dewy summer glow. Truth be told, your go-to skin care ritual just won't cut it.

Whether you're a product junkie or a wash-and-go kind of girl, here are 12 beauty products that will keep you looking your best all winter.

Magic Balm

Consistently parched skin is the theme of the season (this we know). The solution: This all-natural, multi-purpose balm made with organic fruit and botanical oils. Apply it anywhere you desire and you will soon see how magical it really is.

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Rosewater Face Mist

Face mists are usually packed with a long list of ingredients, but this one is different—in a good way. It's made with a single ingredient: steam-distilled organic rosewater. Rosewater is naturally hydrating, so spritz it on morning, noon and night—pretty much whenever you feel like you need a little glow.

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In-Shower Face Mask

This Korean beauty in-shower face mask is the real deal. Made with hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin and triple berries to brighten your skin tone, it's exactly the answer for your chapped skin.

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Honey Beauty Gift Set

Soft skin, here you come. If yours needs a whole lot of TLC, consider this honey-based lip, hand and body set a part of your new daily routine. Did we mention how sweet you'll smell?

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Body Butter

If you're flaky all over (who isn't having this dilemma right now?), we've got the solution of all solutions. Liberally apply this shea butter and aloe vera-infused formula the second you step out of the shower. Almost instantly, you'll have velvety-soft skin that smells good, too.

BUY IT:  Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter

Detox Clay Mask

For those post-holiday detox moments (and you know you'll have them), believe us when we say you need this mask. In just 10 minutes, the magnet-like powers of charcoal draw out impurities so you can glow and go on your merry way.

BUY IT: L'Oréal Paris Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask

Night Recovery Cream

The fountain of youth doesn't exist, but this overnight cream is the next best thing. It's packed with an Amino-Peptide Complex, which penetrates 10 times deeper to regenerate your surface skin cells. In other words, you'll wake up looking more well-rested than ever before.

BUY IT: Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream Moisturizer

Moisturizing Gel

Feeling like you need to swap out you daytime moisturizer right about now? Enter: This lightweight gel formula that's equally as thirst quenching as a heavy-duty version. Plus, it's made with hyaluronic acid and layers excellently under makeup.

BUY IT: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizing Gel

Face Balm

If you've never heard about this skin booster, allow us to change your lives. Apply this oil-free balm after you cleanse, wear it at night as a mask or use it as a makeup primer for a flawless finish. Trust: It's the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, dry skin.

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Skincare Holiday Set

Holiday jetsetters, say hello to your new on-the-go beauty set. The pack includes an exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer and even some coconut water cleansing wipes. Basically, everything you need to stay fresh—no matter where you're off to.

BUY IT: Pacifica Best of Pacifica Skincare Holiday Set

Mask Kit

All in favor of a good sheet mask, listen up. Whatever your skin concern, this holiday gift set has got you covered. Use them all yourself or share with the fam when you're hanging out at home on Christmas morning.

BUY IT: Yes To Ultimate Mask Kit

Vaseline Tin

Vaseline is always a go-to when it comes to long-lasting relief from dryness. This one's perfectly sized to throw in your purse and go. And, hey, it doesn't hurt that the pint-sized tin is holiday themed, either.

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Beauty products so good, they'll have you saying: New skin, who dis?

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