Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant! Relive Her Funniest Mom Moments With Baby Luna

Supermodel and John Legend are expanding their family once again

By Mike Vulpo Nov 22, 2017 2:33 AMTags

Chrissy Teigen is so excited and she just can't hide it!

In case you missed the big news, the supermodel announced on Instagram Tuesday afternoon that she's expecting her second child with John Legend.

"Luna, what's in here?" Chrissy asked her daughter in the social media post. "Baby," Luna replied.

The exciting news certainly got fans of the couple rejoicing. After all, this pair has been vocal about wanting to expand their family in the future.

"I cannot wait to have the biggest family," Chrissy recently shared with E! News' Jason Kennedy. "Everybody is curious. They're like, 'When are you going to do it? When are you going to do it? When's the process going to start?' It's so fun absorbing baby Luna right now."

While we celebrate the big news, we're looking back at some of the cute and funny moments Chrissy and Luna have shared so far in our gallery below.

Ready, Set, Build

"Builders," Chrissy wrote on Instagram as she tried to set up a Chelsea Doll Cottage for her daughter. 

Sliding Into Fun

"Weeeee are very skeptical of slides right now," Chrissy joked on Instagram as Luna wore a Vineyard Vines onesie during the play date. 

What an Angel

"Angel wings from @monicarosestyle ???????? so cute!" Chrissy shared while poking fun at her time as a Victoria's Secret model. 

Where's Daddy

Even though John Legend wasn't physically at this photo shoot, Chrissy made sure dad wasn't too far away. 

Dear Santa

Meeting Santa Claus is always an adventure. Just ask Chrissy and Luna. 

Hop to It

Fortunately, meeting the Easter Bunny went down a bit smoother. 

Spooky Fun

When it was time for Luna's first Halloween, Chrissy couldn't decide which costume Luna should wear. How's this for an option? 

Mom's Day

While the holiday may be strictly dedicated to mothers, Chrissy couldn't help but dress up her daughter for the special day. 

Snaps for Chrissy

How can Chrissy resist Snapchat filters during mother-daughter time? 

Play Ball

When Luna took to the mound to throw out the first pitch, John and Chrissy were the biggest cheerleaders. 

Present Time

If you want to make Luna happy, introduce her to Elmo! 

Bed Time

While Chrissy tried to read a bedtime story, Luna was too busy being a "Gangsta Napper." 

Wanna Getaway

During one of Luna's first trips outside the United States, mama Chrissy decided to step out in a $8,000 outfit. She's not an average mom, she's a cool mom. 

We can't wait to see what fun moments come up during their pregnancy journey. Lucky for us, we have a feeling John and Chrissy will share it with us on social media.

Congratulations you two!