7 Holiday Hair Essentials to Get You Glam This Season

By Taylor Stephan Dec 01, 2017 5:00 PMTags
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Good hair speaks for itself, but this goes double during the holiday season.

Sure, you can certainly sport your everyday blowout or go-to topknot at the office Christmas party or to your BFF's gift exchange. But think about it: If you're swapping out your usual jeans and T-shirt uniform for a festive cocktail dress, shouldn't your hair be next level, too?

You don't have to go full glam every time a calendar invite pops up on your phone, but you should do something to make it feel special.

From brushed-gold barrettes to pro status curling irons, these are all the tools you need to achieve celeb-inspired holiday hair.


Add interest to your look by throwing some intricate barrettes into the mix. Rest assured, any one of these baubles will be the Instagram-worthy finishing touch your holiday look was missing. 

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Pro Curling Iron

Fact: Curls are always a strong option when it comes to holiday hair. Perfect yours with this 24K gold-plated barrel that creates natural-looking waves and reduces frizz at the same time.

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Hairspray + Dry Shampoo

What good are perfectly-styled locks if they don't stay put? Give yours some much needed grip with a little dry shampoo, then finish up with some hairspray to lock your look in place all-night long.

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Flat Iron

If your travel schedule is jam packed this season, don't you dare leave the house without this trio. Trust: For under one hundred bucks you'll have all the tools you need to get glam anywhere, any time.

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Straightening Brush

If you're short on time, this ceramic straightening brush will save you every time. By running this tool through your strands you'll be set with a salon-quality blowout in just 3 to 5 minutes. Score!

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Moisture Mask + Leave-In Conditioner

Healthy hair is sexy hair. But when you're over styling your locks left and right, it's easier said than done. The solution? A weekly deep-conditioning session with a little help from this moisture mask and leave-in conditioner combo works wonders. 

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Bobby Pins

If you're going for a boho-inspired look (A.K.A. tousled with a touch of sparkle), these glittery bobby pins are essential. The best part: The more the merrier, so get creative and pin away!

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Did someone say photo time?