Michelle Quick and Autumn Ajirotutu Enjoy a Double Date at the Golf Course on WAGS L.A.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 23, 2017 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Michelle Quick & Autumn Ajirotutu Hilariously Try Golfing

Double trouble! 

On this week's episode of WAGS L.A., Michelle Quick and Autumn Ajirotutu hit the green for a little double date with their men. Michelle and her hubby Brian Quick are ready for some friendly competition, even if they are a little late. 

"I'm not a very good representative for team Quick—I'm always late," Michelle shared. "So I guess the Quicks aren't quick, but then I wasn't born one so it's okay."

At one point, Brian had to help adjust her leg stance, but Michelle still couldn't get her swing quite right. So naturally, she blamed Brian. "Brian, you distract me. You're a distraction," Michelle joked. 

Win or lose, the ladies were just enjoying the company of their men. Plus, Michelle might have found a new career. "I could be a golfer. I see this working long term for me," Michelle shared. "Have someone carry your bags all day. This is my type of sport."

See the cute double date in the clip above!