Watch Sofia Vergara Get "Discombobulated" Pronouncing Ellen DeGeneres' Word of the Day

On Tuesday's epsidode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Modern Family couldn't stop laughing trying to learn a new word

By Elyse Dupre Nov 21, 2017 4:22 PMTags

It looks like Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara can teach each other a thing or two when it comes to learning new languages.

During Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host told the Modern Family star she's trying to learn Spanish by practicing a "word of the day." Because Vergara is already fluent in Spanish, DeGeneres thought it would be fun to teach her a word of the day in English.

"OK, I know English very well," said Vergara, who often uses her accent to comedic effect.

DeGeneres tried to stump Vergara with the word "flabbergasted." However, the actress pronounced it perfectly. It wasn't until DeGeneres asked her to say the word "discombobulated" that Vergara got a little tongue-tied.

"It's not even a word. You're just trying to ruin my reputation," she told the host after butchering her first attempts.

Thankfully, Vergara was a good sport about the whole thing and laughed throughout the experience. In the end, she pronounced the word correctly—almost.

Watch the video to see her say "discombobulated."

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In addition to teaching her a new word, DeGeneres taught the actress about wedding anniversary traditions and the different kinds of gifts couples give each other each year. Vergara is celebrating her two-year anniversary with hubby Joe Manganiello tomorrow. Many couples celebrate their two-year anniversary with a cotton-themed gift; however, Vergara seemed puzzled by the idea—and DeGeneres revealed she hates cotton balls.

Tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show later today to see the whole clip.