Natalie and Olivia Clap Back About the Rumors About Their Careers

They make their own money on their own terms

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 27, 2017 4:00 AMTags
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The gloves are off! 

Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro found out how the ladies really felt about them on tonight's all new episode of WAGS L.A., and lets just say, it wasn't pretty. 

There have been lots of rumors floating around the group about how exactly these cousins earn their money. "Which one of y'all talked about escorting?" Olivia asked after being told that some ladies think they're escorts.

"Do you guys not know what we do for work?" Natalie asked. "Because we're f--king fashion bloggers, hun. That's what we do." In case that wasn't clear enough, the ladies made damn sure everyone knew just how much money they score. 

"15 to 20K a post, that's what we make," Natalie shared. "One post!" Olivia chimed in. Call them whatever you want, but these ladies know how to hustle. They're ballin' and it's definitely not on a budget. 

However, it wasn't all drama this week for Natalie. She went on another date with a model. While he's not her usual athletic type, they did have a great time playing ping pong together.

Not a euphemism, she really took him to play ping pong. She had to test his athleticism somehow! He definitely laid on the charm and it looks like it might have worked for Natalie, because she agreed to a second date. 

While one relationship might be beginning, for another WAGS lady, a relationship might be ending. Barbie Blank decided to go to therapy to talk about her issues with Sheldon Souray.

Of course she didn't get all the answers in her first session, but she did learn a lot about herself and she has to answer a big question: does she want to be a party girl or a wife? Tough decisions. 

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