Is Emma Stone Replacing Amy Schumer as Jennifer Lawrence's Most Famous BFF?

Emma Stone is hot on Amy Schumer's heels.

By Seija Rankin Nov 21, 2017 12:00 AMTags

Once upon a time there were two beautiful blonde princesses who happened to be best friends. Each princess was hilarious and quirky in her own right: One in a more deliberate and practiced sort of way, the other in a down-to-earth-I-just-burped kind of way. 

Separately they were forces to be reckoned with, but together they were unstoppable. Their friendship came out of nowhere: One minute the two princesses were each living their own separate and extremely successful lives, the next second they were sharing a jet ski and talking about writing a screenplay together. But once the people of the kingdom saw them together it just felt right. 

But then everyone began to wonder: What really happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer? Do they still ride jet skis? Where the f--k is that screenplay? What is the kingdom supposed to do without pictures of them dancing on top of a piano during a Billy Joel concert?

The Secrets of Jennifer Lawrence's Luxe Life
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The truth of the matter is we may never know. They could be hanging out in secret all the time, doing water sports without (gasp!) putting it on social media. And they could be working on that screenplay in secret, too. But what we do know is that it seems like another princess could be needling her way into Jennifer Lawrence's top friend spot. We speak, of course, of Emma Stone.

This is another Hollywood pairing that seemed inevitable from the start. Stone and Lawrence are, arguably, the most A-list of young actor set, with multi-million-dollar asking prices and several Oscar wins and nominations between them. They are most certainly each other's competition—and in fact that was proven this week when Lawrence admitted that she was up for Stone's part in Easy A—but as a result they probably understand each other more than anyone else can. 

The way their friendship started is the stuff of industry legend: As JLaw told Vanity Fair, Emma got her number from Woody Harrelson (of course) and Jen replied, "f--k off." As she tells it, they texted every single day for an entire year, just like The Notebook

The public first got wind of their coupling when they were photographed leaving a restaurant in 2015 (with Adele in tow no less), on what is still probably the most insane dinner group date of all time. Next they were spotted at an Adele concert with matchmaker Woody, the aftermath of which Lawrence detailed in that same Vanity Fair interview—it involved vomit and a foot gash.

The Secrets of Jennifer Lawrence's Luxe Life

And now, thanks to the fact that both Stone and Lawrence have been heavy into promotional tours for their respective award season hopefuls (that would be Battle of the Sexes and mother! of course), their friendship is really heating up again. They first reunited at the September premiere of JLaw's allegorical thriller, and this past weekend they were both on the red carpet of the 2017 Governor Awards, which is where the above photobomb took place.

They were together during The Hollywood Reporter's annual actress roundtable, offering fans of the twosome adorable tidbits like the fact that Stone's best advice was "probably something that Jen told me" or that Jen thinks Emma is way too hard on herself. 

And of course there was the part of the interview where Stone couldn't resist ribbing Lawrence about Easy A, telling her "Well, guess what? (Laughter.) You didn't get it. You didn't get it because you suck!

So what does this mean in the context of the Amy-Jen-Emma friendship triangle? Possibly nothing—Jennifer Lawrence can have more than one famous best friend, after all. There's room for everybody here. But it's hard to resist pointing out that Schumer has been absent from their collective spotlight lately—she's currently starring in the Broadway play Meteor Shower—and that Jen has been absent from Amy's Instagram account. And with award season closing in, that means more and more potential Jemma (Emmifer?) run-ins. 

Seems like it's time to dust off that screenplay, ladies.