What We've Learned From Taylor Swift's Making of a Song Series (So Far)

It airs on AT&T-owned DirecTV's Taylor Swift Now on-demand video service, which launched last year

By Corinne Heller Nov 15, 2017 7:43 PMTags

Taylor Swift's offering fans a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into her world.

On Monday, AT&T-owned DirecTV premiered the series, The Making of a Song. It airs on the company's Taylor Swift Now on-demand video service, which launched last year. The series shows Swift recording tracks for her new album Reputation. In the first full 7-minute episode, she records "Call It What You Want" with co-producer and co-writer Jack Antonoff.

Here are some things we learned from the series so far:

1. She Keeps It Casual: No designer outfits here; Swift recorded her new music in comfy outfits like a flannel shirt, a black sweater, a black tank top and a vintage Rolling Stones T-shirt.

Taylor Swift's Reputation Style

2. Raw: Before enlisting the help of a catchy backup pop track and the vocals of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' eldest daughter, Swift is seen singing her song "Gorgeous" while playing a piano and then a guitar.

3. She's Got Moves: The singer shows Antonoff her dance moves, introducing one she likens to a "dolphin body roll."

4. Dance, Taylor, Dance: Swift has too much fun recording Reputation! She also showcases her dance moves while recording "Delicate."

5. "Relatable": Swift records "Delicate" without much makeup, if any at all, and even sports a blemish above her chin.

"Her having a pimple makes me her relatable even more," wrote one YouTube commentator.

"She's without makeup looking so cozy, I love her in the natural habitat," another person added.