Pink's Carpool Karaoke Proves She Can Really Sing While Upside Down

Come for the singing, stay for the stories about Joey Fatone and Jon Bon Jovi's pants

By Lauren Piester Nov 15, 2017 7:05 AMTags

Finally, Pink took a ride in James Corden's car and it was a pretty darn good time. 

They sang, they laughed, and it was barely two minutes before the duo was pulling over and learning a dance routine to Pink's song "What About Us," with moves like "drama" and "drama, but not too much." 

There was also some definitely starting of the party, thanks to Pink's classic "Get the Party Started," and some discussion of that time Pink went on a date with Joey Fatone when she opened for NSYNC. 

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This Carpool Karaoke also taught us that Pink once received a pair of pants from Jon Bon Jovi and she thinks she sings better when she's upside down, which she and James then tried to do. She proved she's got some of the most incredible pipes in music (obviously) while James proved he should probably not try that again.

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