Blake Shelton Is People's Sexiest Man Alive 2017

Country music singer receives the annual award

By Mike Vulpo Nov 15, 2017 1:35 AMTags

Step aside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. There's a new sexy man in town. 

After much anticipation, office pools and speculation, People magazine revealed the lucky man deserving of "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2017.

Drumroll, please. Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations are in order for Blake Shelton

"Thank you @people!!!!" The Voice coach shared on Twitter with his special cover. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."

One person who is extra excited for the announcement is Gwen Stefani. In an interview with the publication, Blake admitted his girlfriend helped convince him to take the crown. 

"She goes, ‘Listen to me, you're going to regret this for the rest of your life if you don't take this gift and just live in the moment,'" Blake recalled. Another positive was the idea that the "Honey Bee" singer could rub it in Adam Levine's face. 

"I can't wait to shove this up Adam's ass," he joked. "As proud as I am and honored that you guys asked me, that's really the only thing I care about."

All jokes aside, it's been a huge year for the singer who recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums thanks to his latest work Texoma Shore. In addition, he recently celebrated two years with Gwen. 

"I think it's so hard for people to wrap their head around why Gwen would want to be with me," Blake recently told Today's Carson Daly. "I don't blame 'em."

And if you're wondering how the singer will react if you compliment his new title, here's a hint: He's going to eat it up.

"It's going to be used in every conversation, whether it's at The Voice, or at the feed in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, or in a conversation with a doctor," he shared with People. "When [people] would say to Adam, ‘Mr. Sexy,' you'd always see him go, ‘Well, awwww…' If you say that to me, it's going to be, ‘You're damn right, I'm Mr. Sexy! I've been ugly my whole life, if I can be sexy for a year, I'm taking it. I'm taking it."

People's Sexiest Man Alive issue hits newsstands Friday.