How ''Cruel'' Instagram Trolls Inspired Drew Barrymore to Cut Seven Inches From Her Hair

Well, that's one way to shake off internet haters!

By Natasha Lubczenko Nov 14, 2017 11:53 PMTags
Watch: Drew Barrymore Reveals Why She Cut Her Hair

Drew Barrymore seems to have found the perfect solution to internet trolls: Scissors.

The Santa Clarita Diet star revealed to E! News that she chopped seven inches off her "bohemian" locks last week in response to the "mean, cruel, and ugly" comments she received on a recent Instagram post.

"I wanted to feel good and sometimes a little effort goes a long way," Barrymore told E! News at Glamour's Women of the Year event in New York City Monday.

2017 Glamour Women of the Year Awards: Red Carpet Fashion
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The video post showed Barrymore holding a live starfish up to her face to compare the creature's "glorious color" to that of the newest shade of lipstick from her Flower Beauty line. Though Barrymore was feeling "inspired" by the resemblance, many people were not  amused and worried for the welfare of the animal.

"Animals, like humans, deserve respect," wrote one commenter. "Nothing personal."

While more people chimed in to inform the star that she was "hurting" the starfish, many others came to Barrymore's defense.

"I'm so sorry people are more worried about the stress level of a starfish than they are of the effects of shaming," said another commenter.

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Though the actress said she was hurt by the "haters," she didn't let it keep her down for long and found that a little pick-me-up was all that she needed.

"If people say ugly things and they make you feel ugly, what do you do?" Barrymore shared. "Women are so cool; we pick ourselves up and we empower ourselves. And sometimes a pair of scissors cures everything."

Amen, Drew!