You Can Actually Eat Breakfast at Tiffany's Now

Attention Holly Golightly hopefuls!

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 10, 2017 10:57 PMTags

Look out, Holly Golightly hopefuls: breakfast at Tiffany's is getting a modern new meaning. 

Fans of the 1961 film can toast a coffee and croissant to the jewelry brand's newest project: a restaurant. The retailer's flagship 5th Avenue location in New York City has opened an eatery fittingly coined The Blue Box Café. Nestled on the home and accessories fourth floor at the Fifth Avenue corner building, the spot lives up to its name as it's covered and draped in Tiffany's signature blue shade.

Yes, the chairs, pillows, walls, plates and even salt and pepper shakers pop in the jewel tone. Of course, the blue is combined with accents of silver on the metallic tabletops and cutlery.  

Breakfast for Dinner: Classic Morning Foods to Enjoy at Night
Tiffany & Co.

On the menu, patrons can order up items from a seasonal listing; two courses for breakfast at $29 or lunch at $39. Among the bevy of options, you can start your day with a croissant and truffle eggs or seasonal fruit with avocado toast. For a mid-afternoon meal, the lunch menu features such delicacies as a lobster and avocado "Fifth Avenue Salad" or olive oil poached salmon paired with caviar.

Tea at Tiffany's can be yours for $49, complete with a mélange of finger foods and sweet treats. 

Celebrating a special occasion? For $36, a blue box celebration cake can adorn your table—a Tiffany box-shaped treat adorned with a white sugar bow. 

However, if you're in the market for an OG breakfast at Tiffany's, a coffee is $6. All that's left to do is pick up a strand of pearls.