Taylor Swift's Reputation Album: 5 Sexiest Lyrics

Which song made her dad blush?

By Corinne Heller Nov 10, 2017 3:30 PMTags

Whew, is it hot in here?

Taylor Swift has finally released her anticipated sixth studio album Reputation, which contains songs about love, betrayal, power and possibly her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. And some of the lyrics are pretty damn sexy.

1. "Dress": The chorus of this song is hot as hell: "Say my name and everything just stops / I don't want you like a best friend / Only bought this dress so you could take it off / Take it off (ha, ha, ha) / Carve your name into my bedpost / 'Cause I don't want you like a best friend / Only bought this dress so you could take it off / Take it off (ha, ha, ha, ha)

Swift had hosted a few "Secret Sessions" listening parties for a select group of superfans in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and Rhode Island last month. Her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, also attended a gathering and appeared uncomfortable when "Dress" was played, according to participants.

"Scott was full on blushing the entire time during 'Dress,' so that's that fam," tweeted user @Taylor_SlaysAll.

"The room felt like it got 10 times hotter when 'Dress' came on... maybe that's why Andrea walked out," wrote @SwiftieAlex.

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2. "Dancing With Our Hands Tied": The song sounds like it's about Alwyn, as Swift mentions the age 25, which is the age he was when they were believed to have first met. Sample sexy lyrics: "I'd kiss you as the lights went out / Swaying as the room burned down / I'd hold you as the water rushes in / If I could dance with you again."

3. "So It Goes": In this song, which many fans think is also about Alwyn, Swift sings, "And all our pieces fall (pieces fall) / Right into place / Get caught up in a moment (caught up, caught up) / Lipstick on your face So it goes (goes) / I'm yours to keep (oh) / And I'm yours to lose (baby) / You know I'm not a bad girl, but I / Do bad things with you / So it goes."

4. "Delicate": Another song that appears to be about Alwyn. The sexiest lyrics are "Dive bar on the East Side, where you at? / Phone lights up my nightstand in the black / Come here, you can meet me in the back / Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you / Oh damn, never seen that color blue / Just think of the fun things we could do / 'Cause I like you."

5. "King of My Heart": Guess who this song is probably about? Swift sings, "Late in the night, the city's asleep / Your love is a secret I'm hoping, dreaming, dying to keep / Change my priorities / The taste of your lips is my idea of luxury."