Hitting the Treadmill, Grocery Shopping and Taking a Snooze: Photographic Proof Victoria Beckham Can Do Anything in Heels

Designer is never too far away from her stilettos

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 09, 2017 8:36 PMTags
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She may be the queen of the pout, but according to this photographic evidence, Victoria Beckham is also the queen of the heel.

The renowned designer and forever Spice Girl typically is dressed to the nines—shoes included. However, thanks to a recent snap shared to her social media, we realized just how much she does in high heels. 

On Thursday, she made fun of a workout mannequin when she hopped onto a treadmill and hit her stride in a pair of towering booties. Whether the mom of the three is posing for a photo, lounging around or picking up some beer, the mogul has a pair of sky-high shoes on. 

While she may have announced her departure from the style of shoe—she told The Telegraph in 2016 "I just can't do heels any more"—Beckham clearly hasn't retired them for good. 

Here's all the evidence to prove no matter where Beckham goes, her heels are never too far away:

Photographic Evidence Victoria Beckham Can Do Anything in Heels
Trimming the Tree

The designer clearly has little fear of heights—especially while in heels!

Runway Show

While she's no stranger to the catwalk, Beckham even hits the real runways clad in stilettos. 

Strike a Pose

No shot of Beckham would be complete without a pair of heels. 

Work It Out

Here she proves you can make high heels work anywhere—even in the gym. 

Stylish Snooze

Even when she's taking a load off, she's doing it in a pair of pumps. 


While it's not exactly clear what's happening here, you bet Beckham is doing it in heels. 

Stiletto Split

When it comes to hanging out, the designer gets her relaxation in with her shoes pointed. 

Grocery Run

If it's time to pick up beer, Beckham is ready...in her heels. 

What will this star do next? (In her heels, of course.)